Accessible Closets

The purpose of custom closets are numerous, but the most important aspect of a new custom designed and installed closet should be function. A custom closet must meet the needs of the end user. In many cases, the customer wants a closet to increase and maximize their usable storage space, but custom designed closets can also meet the needs of those who are physically challenged due to a disability or aging.

According to the January 2010 BUILDER Magazine, “twenty years from now, nearly one in five U.S. residents will be age 65 or older. According to AARP consumer research, 89% of older Americans want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. The problem is that people begin to lose certain facilities as they age. Currently, only about 10% of America’s housing is accessible to individuals with mobility impairments.”

Home builders throughout the country are finally getting on board with “Universal Design”. Although Universal Design can increase the cost of building a new home by about 4%, builders are starting to include accessible features that can also make a home look better, such as wider doors and hallways, barrier-free showers, and open spaces with large wheelchair friendly turning radii. Some features that are age friendly, including pull-out pantry shelving and walk-in (or roll-in) closets with everything in reach.

For another great article about “Universal Design” check out the BUILDER Magazine at the link below:

We recently had the opportunity to provide new custom designed and built closet components for a gentleman that was confined to a wheelchair. While the closet in the master bedroom looks similar to any other walk-in closet, the components in the closets, as well as all other areas of this condominium were custom built to  meet the needs and requests of the owner. The top shelf was placed at a height that could easily be reached from his wheelchair, with a lower shelf to allow him to store his shoes and shoe boxes below the hanging clothes. The bottom shelf was located 9″ off the floor, a typical dimension for barrier-free design that allows the proper toe space for the wheelchair. The closet was also designed with 4 drawers on full extension slides, with adjustable shelving above.

OHS carries a full line of accessories that can make your living space more user friendly, more accessible, and more organized. We carry all the specialty hardware you need to make your office, kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage, and closets accessible and convenient. We can provide hardware options like pullout shelving, pull-down shelves for upper cabinets, pull-outs for base cabinets for trash, recycling, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, and the list goes on and on. Consult with us on your project and see how easy it can be to make your life more accessible.



Accessible Walk-In Closet

Accessible Walk-In Closet

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